4 Corners

4 Corners is a global outreach of St. Andrew whose mission is to change hearts and lives in the four corners of the earth. 4 Corners operates Clínica Emanuel in the remote southern mountains of Costa Rica, providing medical care to the Cabécar people. Click here to go to the 4 Corners website.

Clínica Emanuel, Jabuy, Costa Rica

In October 2009, the St. Andrew 4 Corners vision team hiked two hours to Jabuy (pronounced ha-BOUY), the closest of 17 villages which is home to the Cabécar indigenous people of the Tayni Reserve on the Talamanca mountains of southern Costa Rica.

There the timid village leaders told of the critical need for primary health care for their people. Because of the extremely remote locations of most of the villages (the farthest village is a 3 day walk from Jabuy), many people do not survive emergency situations. The 10 percent infant mortality rate is heart wrenching, especially since it could be overcome with basic hygiene and prenatal care.

Clínica Emanuel opened on September 3, 2013. This first operational clinic, which is facilitated by 4 Corners, is a model primary health care clinic which can be replicated in other areas around the world with critical health care needs. The Clínica Emanuel doctor and nurse, working closely with the Minister of Health, are saving lives.


Costa Rica 2018 | Nore

The indigenous Cabécars of Costa Rica face discrimination as their own government pushes them away. Cabécars like Noré give us hope that generational change is reshaping the future for his people.

The Long Road Ahead

The physical journey to Jabuy was the first sign that the work would be tough. But those who served on the 4 Corners trip could see God working through the Cabécar people and St. Andrew. The work continues today.

4 Corners Board of Directors

Drake Goolsby, Chair
Rich Flora
Denny Shelton
Lindsay Fields
Hal Kurkowski


Robert Mitchell
Rev. Robert Hasley
Rev. Arthur Jones
Rev. Jennifer Powell, Executive Director | Click to contact