Kindling Ministry

What does a spark need to catch fire?

It’s not the big log in the middle. It’s the small sticks at the base of the pile. They’re called kindling.

Three years ago, we launched the Spark Tank community service initiative, and we did some incredible work! But as the years went by, the projects got larger in scope, yet fewer in total.

So to evolve Spark Tank into something bigger, we’re going smaller. This is the Kindling Ministry.

It's simple, random acts of love we can do in the moment in our communities, small in size but immeasurable in impact: Buy somebody's groceries. Tip a server extra.

No more project proposals. No more lengthy paper work. Just serving as we are called.

How many random acts of love can we do in our community?

A Simple Process

With Kindling, we share the gift of Christ's love.


1. Act

Serve in the moment with a random act of love. No project proposal or pre-approval is needed – just help others.

2. Upload

Click here to attach your receipt in an easy form for 50 percent reimbursement. Max project cost is $200.

3. Share

Tell your friends, family, and community about the Kindling ministry and inspire others to serve. 

If you would like to do a service exceeding $200, contact Jimmy Decker at [email protected].