Who We Are


Read below to learn about our mission, our story, our convictions, our model for life, and our staff.

Our Mission

Early Christians risked persecution or death when they chose to follow Christ. Modern Christians often face a different challenge – complacency. At St. Andrew, we are a community of people seeking each day to learn in deeper ways what it means to follow Jesus, live in community, and serve the world. This is why our mission is:

Calling the “Christian-ish” to become passionate servants of Christ.

Our Story

In 1986, a group of people gathered together in a small living room to discuss the future of a new church in Plano. As they prayed together about this new faith community, they began to discuss what the church should be named. In reading scripture, the group began to notice one person who was living out the Christian faith in a unique way: Andrew.

In the gospel of John, Andrew is described as the first evangelist, bringing his brother Peter to Jesus. Andrew was also the disciple who introduced Jesus to the boy with fishes and loaves to feed the 5,000, and later in the gospel Andrew brings outsiders to Jesus so they could become part of the community. The first members of St. Andrew Methodist Church chose to create a legacy of inviting others into the body of Christ when they decided to name our church in honor of Andrew the disciple.

At St. Andrew, we believe we should not limit our faith to attending worship on Sunday. Our relationship with God should shape everything we do and say. We hope that everyone who becomes a part of our faith community will feel encouraged to live as passionate servants of Christ in all that they do: at work, at school, at home, with friends and family.

Our Convictions

The God we serve is the creator of everything that we see and don’t see, sustaining the universe as God works for the redemption of the entire world. 

This God is Triune – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and that God’s defining characteristic is love, as shown most clearly by Jesus’ willingness to die for us on the cross so that we might live with God and one another forever. 

We are centered in Christ and based in the Bible. The Bible reveals the Word of God, holy and inspired. We interpret the Scriptures through reason, experience and tradition and seek to apply them to the life of following Jesus.

The eternal life God offers begins here and now, which is why a nominal faith is simply unacceptable.

God desires for us to be made new as we are formed into the likeness of Jesus, and in this renewed relationship, for us to experience an abundant life as we participate in God's transformation of the world.

Our Strategy for Life

Living as a passionate servant of Christ can seem like a daunting task, but at St. Andrew we believe we can live out our faith fully in four simple ways.


As Christians, we are called to worship both as a church body and as individuals. Through worship, we are invited to authentically and creatively connect with God. 


Christianity is meant to be lived out in community. St. Andrew offers many different ways to be in relationship with other Christians, such as Bible studies, Connection Groups, and Sunday school classes. 


St. Andrew members share the love of God in many different ministries and missions, responding to the needs of our world. 


God invites us to participate in ministry in many different ways, and one of those ways is through the art of generous giving. At St. Andrew we believe giving of our time, talents, and resources is a faith practice that helps us to live our our Christian calling more fully.

Meet Our Staff

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