Small Groups

50% Relationships | 50% Learning

Typical Size: Up to 30

Small Groups are equal part fellowship and Biblical learning, as we meet regularly, explore scripture, and journey through life together. Grow spiritually with close friends you can call family. For additional information about Small Groups at St. Andrew, please contact Adult Ministries.

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Small Group Studies

St. Andrew offers three Bible Study Series (typically 5-7 weeks each) in the winter, spring, and fall. Groups may also check out printed materials and DVDs from the St. Andrew Resource Library via Librarika, as well as utilize additional online studies below. 


2023 winter study | The Christ

Weeks of January 15 – February 19

This series helps us as followers of Jesus to better understand the person of Jesus (in the Trinity) and his singular importance on the world and on our daily lives. A proper understanding of Jesus is what theologians call a “Christology”. The old hymns teach us to lift high the cross. In this series we will be addressing Scriptural images that illuminate the person of Jesus Christ. Each of these are declarations by and about Jesus. Our goal is that by better understanding who Jesus is, we may rightly place him high on the thrones of our lives, become better followers, and discover life in abundance."

documents for existing small groups


Past Studies

Explore | Printed and Online Resources

St. Andrew Resource Library via Librarika

St. Andrew offers books, leader guides, and DVDs available for check out. You can view our catalog and make reservations from the convenience of your own home using our online tool, Librarika. To check out materials for personal use or group study, submit an online request, and a member of the Adult Ministries team will contact you. Click here to go to Librarika.

How to Register
  1. Register for a new account at
  2. Receive verification email and verify the email address.
  3. Go to and log in using your new account.
  4. Click on the drop-down menu next to the person icon, upper right. Select My Libraries from the drop-down choices.
  5. Click on Request Member Access button.
  6. Enter full URL of the library: and submit the request.
  7. You will be joined to the library instantly and can begin perusing materials immediately.
How to Use
  1. Once in the St. Andrew Resource Library, click on Catalog Search on the top navigation bar to peruse our catalog.
  2. You can type in the name of the book in the Search field (set it to search on Title) and it will show you all the resources (book, leader guide, DVD, etc.) that we have available.
  3. Click on the title of each item, scroll down, and click on the green “Request” button and enter in Start Date and the anticipated Return Date. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the St. Andrew Resource Library?
Members at St. Andrew and all Small Group members (Small Groups and Classes, etc.) at St. Andrew have access to the St. Andrew Resource Library.

Do I need a login to use the St. Andrew Resource Library via Librarika?
Yes, we ask that you create your own individual login. This will allow us to better serve the St. Andrew community by knowing where the materials are being used.

Can I still come to the church to review the materials in person?
Absolutely! The Adult Ministries Office (upstairs across from Festival Hall) is open Monday through Thursday, 8:30-5:00, and Friday, 8:30-1:00. It is not open on the weekends. For times when the office is closed, we hope you will find the online tool, Librarika, to be a convenient option.

What if I’m only able to pick up the materials after office hours?
We will work with you to find a place in the church during building hours to leave the materials for you to pick up.

When I make a reservation, what happens next?
The Adult Ministries team at St. Andrew will receive the request and notify you when the materials are ready for you to pick up. We will make every effort to make the materials available to you as soon as possible, usually within a day or two.

How long can I keep the materials?
Because the needs of the member or the group may vary, materials can be issued for whatever amount of time is needed. We simply ask that you provide us with an estimated date of return.

Will I be able to see when my materials are due?
Yes! When you log in to your account, Librarika allows you to track all of the materials that have been issued to you and when they are due. You will also receive email reminders to help you stay current.

What happens if I’d like to reserve an item that is already checked out?
A member of the Adult Ministries team will contact you to let you know the expected date of return of the materials you are requesting. At that time, you may wish to keep your reservation or make another selection from our Adult Ministries Library. If the study appears to be in high demand, we may consider adding additional copies to the St. Andrew Resource Library.

What if there’s a specific study that I’d like to use, but it does not appear in the St. Andrew Resource Library?
We would be happy to purchase new materials for you or reimburse you for the cost of materials you would like added to the St. Andrew Resource Library. Resources commonly used by St. Andrew include Cokesbury, Amazon, Mardel, and LifeWay. We simply ask that you contact our staff first before purchasing any new materials.

Who do I call if I’m having trouble or have questions?
Beckye Brown, 214-291-8075, [email protected]
Connie Robertson, 214-291-8004, [email protected]

BibleProject Online Resources

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