A Message From Arthur

Joy is here. Opt in.

The remarkable promise of scripture is that the darkness, brokenness, and sadness of the world will be washed away. What replaces it will be light, healing, and joy. This is heaven. Jesus started out his ministry with a very simple message: “The Kingdom of Heaven is near.”

This church is intended to be the place where people find that same joy made alive in their lives in a new way. This is not sentimentality or a dream, but the present belief that God is currently at work in our world and is asking us to opt in. Every week, we will worship, connect, serve, and give with joy that sometimes will feel at odds with the world around us. The church is SUPPOSED to live out its life based on the highest vision of heaven rather than the lowest common denominator of earth. Joy happens when we live our lives just as we pray the prayer he taught us: “they kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We are starting this topic of Joy with giving because Jesus said over and over again that it is the key to our hearts. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Just this month, a man at our church said to me, “I don’t like having untithed money in my account for too long… my success in this world is due to prayer and tithing.” He knows that his joy on earth is directly tied to how he views what he has on this earth.

Jesus said “You cannot serve two masters.” The only master that offers true eternal joy is God. Everything else comes second.

Opt in. Joy is waiting. Heaven is near.

Arthur Jones
Senior Pastor, St. Andrew Methodist

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