The Arts Foundation of St. Andrew

Enriching Spirituality through the Power of the Arts

Welcome to an exciting new era in the artistic and spiritual life of St. Andrew! The Arts Foundation of St. Andrew (AFSA) consists of five wings, each dedicated to a facet of the artistic life designed to enrich your spiritual journey.

At St. Andrew, our mission is “Calling the Christian-ish to become passionate servants of Christ.” Passion has fueled some truly inspired works of art, and artwork has provoked passionate responses. Whether heightening an appreciation of art through the Arts Education wing, enjoying beautiful music in concert through the Performing Arts wing, experiencing all that’s unsaid but felt in a piece of art in the Visual Arts wing, reveling in the beauty and power of words in the language in the Language Arts wing, or exploring the ways we connect beyond the walls of St. Andrew in our Community Arts wing, we look forward to empowering your passionate faith journey through the universal language of the arts.

From the beginning, religious institutions stood at the forefront of art and culture, commissioning and employing the greatest artists and musicians. These institutions were also the center of education, as monks and clergy were among the few fortunate enough to be able to read. The lasting output of art and education still stand as great testaments of faith, but as support for the arts disseminated, the Church was no longer the guiding force behind great art. Through the Arts Foundation of St. Andrew, we reinvigorate the original dynamic between faith and art, ensuring beautiful art is created and enjoyed by all for the glorification of God.

Funding for the Arts Foundation of St. Andrew is generously supported by the annual Ministry Budget. Click here to donate today. If you are interested in volunteering your time, or if you have any questions, please email the Arts Foundation .

Our Vision

Stay connected with us online this fall! New content is added regularly as we explore new ways to enjoy the arts! 

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Arts Education

A guiding tenet of the Arts Foundation is the importance placed on education, because understanding cultivates appreciation. Explore the current offerings below and stay tuned for more to come.

See highlights and the impact of our Organ Scholar program from our first scholar, YunJung Lee.


Organ Scholar

Founded in 2018, the organ scholar program offers offer training and insight for the next generation of church musicians. Through this scholarship, one selected student from a local university will develop their skills of hymnody, service playing, and choral accompaniments under the direction of St. Andrew organist, Dr. Jonathan M. Gregoire. Additionally, the support of a secondary organist to the music staff of St. Andrew allows for a variety of musical possibilities to enliven and strengthen traditional worship.

VOCES8 Scholars

In partnership with Paul Smith – co-founder of VOCES8, CEO of the VCM Foundation, and author and educator of The VOCES8 Method – the Arts Foundation of St. Andrew welcomes an auditioned group of elite singers each September for a week-residency at the beginning of their year-long VOCES8 USA Scholar Program. Throughout their residency, these talented musicians will learn to work with each other to finesse chamber singing and travel with Paul to local schools promoting music education. For additional information about the VOCES US Scholars Program, including audition information, please visit the VCM USA Foundation website.

Master Teacher Series

Each year, the Arts Foundation hosts a prominent performer and teacher in recital and in masterclass settings. Stay tuned for more information to come!

Pre-Concert Lectures

Join us in advance of various concerts throughout the year for insight into the repertoire featured. Stay tuned for more details to come! 

Music Education in the Bulletin

Keep an eye out for music education moments in the weekend bulletin to provide context and information about the music used in worship. Whether biographical information about the composer, historical context about the music, or description of a piece’s structure, we hope this educational moment will enrich your worship experience and help you appreciate the music even more.

Performing Arts

Music augments the entire worship experience, but music can also speak to our hearts in ways words fail, moving people without words. Through our performance initiatives, come experience new ways of enriching your spiritual journey through the gift of music.


DSO On the GO

This exciting partnership brings the best of Dallas orchestral music to Plano! We are thrilled to host the members of the Dallas Symphony in their outreach concerts. Join us in advance of these concerts for pre-concert lectures, and stay for an afternoon of engaging music. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

A St. Andrew Christmas

A highlight of the Christmas season! Come enjoy the beautiful sounds of choir, orchestra, children, organ, and join in congregational singing under the direction of Taylor Davis, Director of Music and Worship Arts at St. Andrew. Each year focuses on a different theme to elevate the sounds and traditions of the season. Stay tuned for more information!

Master Teacher Series

Each year, the Arts Foundation will host a prominent performer and teacher in recital and in masterclass settings. Stay tuned for more information to come!

Patriotic Concert

God and country celebrated together! In partnership with music ministries from local Methodist churches, we celebrate the gifts of freedom with the iconic tunes of our country. Stay tuned for upcoming concert offerings. 

Spotify playlists

Want the beautiful music heard during weekend worship to continue to support and uplift you during the week? Check out these podcast playlists curated by St. Andrew staff:




Visual Arts

There is great significance in using the term “Arts” in the naming of the Foundation. While music is a significant source of artistic creativity, the time-honored phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” holds steadfast because of the gravitas and impact the visual arts provide. 


Language Arts

Whether verses from the Bible, biblical commentaries, or spoken word, the power of language and its influence cannot be overlooked. Through podcasts, sermons, background studies, and scholarly literature our spirituality is enriched through the words we use to describe and understand our faith.


Dr. Scott Engle Background Studies

Each week, Dr. Scott Engle writes a historically-based background study to promote a greater of understanding of the Sermon series topic. These insightful and thoughtful resources are archived and available his website. Additionally all of his bible studies are now live on Facebook. Click the link before for more information about his current offerings!

Dr. Scott Engle's website

Dr. Engle's Facebook Page


St. Andrew offers a variety of podcasts to encourage and inspire you along your faith journey. Please visit our podcast page for more information:


Rev. Arthur Jones Books

Looking for additional ways to strengthen your faith journey? Whether asking the hard questions or wanting deeper insight into John Wesley’s understanding of Christianity, our own Rev. Arthur Jones, along with his father and co-author, Bishop Scott Jones, have published two books to help guide your exploration.

Scripture and the Wesleyan Way

Ask: Faith Questions in a Skeptical Age

Community Arts

As Methodists, one of our primary goals is to help the community outside the walls of our church. We are exceptionally blessed with an abundance of resources, and as a result, we strive to make them available to others. Find out how the Arts Foundation supports this effort below. 

Educational Outreach

In collaboration with VCM USA, each September the VOCES8 Scholars – along with Paul Smith, co-founder of VOCES8, CEO of the VCM Foundation, and author and educator of The VOCES8 Method – visit local schools to promote music education. If you are an area educator and would like more information on hosting the Scholars at your school, please contact Arts Foundation Director, Dr. Jonathan M. Gregoire.

School Concerts

The Arts Foundation proudly offers financial support to local schools to ensure the remarkable facilities of St. Andrew are made affordable for the community. Our goal is to enrich students’ musical experience by offering the beautiful acoustics and environment of St. Andrew for their concerts, so that whether they become artists or advocates for the arts, they enjoyed the best resources in the music-making process.