Adult Baptism

If you have not been baptized, but would like to join St. Andrew, we’d love to help you take this important step. It is affirming to all of us when adults step forward during the service to accept the gift of God’s grace through water and the spirit, If you believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as your Savior, we invite you to be baptized into Christ Holy Church in this outward symbol of God’s inward love for us. Please let us know if you’re interested.  Reach out to sign up for a baptism class so that you can get all of the information.

Infant Baptism

Baptism is one of the great joys shared as a family of faith. As you begin to consider baptizing your child, the following information can serve as a guide in exploring this sacred event. Baptisms may be scheduled in any of the worship services on most weekends, except the first weekend of each month. This weekend is always reserved for the sacrament of Holy Communion. On occasion, some services are reserved for special worship times and baptisms are not scheduled for that particular day.

Baptism Information

St. Andrew Methodist requests that you become a member of our church and attend a Baptism Class before a baptism is performed.

Contact Cynthia Beets for information on membership.

Contact Kim Meyers for questions concerning the meaning and practice of baptism.

Contact Alicia Erickson for the scheduling of baptisms.

Baptism classes are available with Kim Meyers. Please email for availability over the summer.