St. Andrew Permanent Endowment

The St. Andrew Permanent Endowment provides our congregation with a perpetual source of income in support of the church’s ministries and missions, as well as providing our membership a vehicle through which to make legacy gifts to the church.

Your gifts. Forever Invested.



The vision of the Endowment is to provide for and to secure St. Andrew’s future and that of its ministries, both global and local. Our Permanent Endowment complements and supports the basic and future needs of the church and its ongoing initiatives.

The story of the Endowment

Long before "awesome" became slang for "very good," it was a word of profound reverence and inspired awe at God's works.

The story of St. Andrew is literally awesome. Since our inception over 35 years ago, God's kingdom has grown through St. Andrew's leadership, ministries, and facilities in ways we could only have dreamed in the early days. But the ministry of St. Andrew is only just beginning. We are a growing church. Central to God's vision for the future of this church is the St. Andrew Permanent Endowment.

Established in 2011, the Endowment allows members and friends of St. Andrew to leave faith legacies and secure the vitality of the church for future generations.


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Gifts to the fund, which we call Forever Gifts, are invested, not spent. Earnings from these investments complement and support the basic and future needs of the church and its ongoing initiatives, according to established criteria. For example:

  • Establishment of new ministries, including planning new churches and new church ministries
  • Scholarships to develop future pastors and leaders from within the St. Andrew family
  • Major upgrades and emergency needs of permanent facilities on campus

As it grows, the Permanent Endowment Fund of St. Andrew will provide our congregation with a perpetual source of income in support of the church's ministries and missions.


We have received an inheritance in Christ. We were destined by the plan of God, who accomplishes everything according to his design.

- Ephesians 1:11

Pathway to Giving


Consider prayerfully what legacy you would like to leave behind.

Contact Kay Richardson, Exec. Director of Generosity to meet and learn features of the Permanent Endowment Forever Gift. Or, please fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information.


Explore which option might be best for you to make your Forever Gift. 

Charitable Bequest

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable IRA Rollover

Charitable Lead Trust

Bank or Investment Account


Charitable Remainder Trust

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of Retirement Assets

Gifts of Securities 

Real Estate

Click here to download the Giving Method Comparison sheet. 


Your financial picture is unique, and so is your Forever Gift.

Consult with your financial advisor to ensure your gift fits into your financial plan.

In many cases, your advisor will help you write the planned gift into your plans. 


Let your family and friends know so they may follow in your legacy of giving.

Let St. Andrew so that we may thank you properly and ensure your future intentions are honored.

Fill out your letter of intent and mail to the church using the enclosed address.

Endowment Form

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