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What does it mean to give?

Imagine the shock on people’s faces when Mary anointed Jesus.

At a dinner hosted in the home of Lazarus - Mary’s brother and Jesus’ friend, whom he raised from the dead - Mary brought an expensive perfume made of pure nard. We’re talking, as the disciple Judas Iscariot pointed out, “a year’s wages!”

Mary poured the oil over Jesus’ feet and wiped them dry with her hair. When Judas tried to complain, Jesus reminded him, “This perfume was to be used in preparation for my burial, and this is how she has used it.” - John 12:1-8

What does it mean to give? The Bible tells us all we need to know. God is an extravagant giver, and invites us to know the joy of a life of giving to others.

Our goal at St. Andrew is to help you discover the abundant life that comes with generous giving.

Annual Giving 2023: We're Just Getting Started

Let us not see things as they are, but to look at ourselves as God does, and see what can be. God is always working, and we are God’s co-creators. Let’s not settle for the status quo. The vision for the future of St. Andrew is that we become the most influential church in America helping Christian leaders move from centers of influence that may or may not be Christian to Christians of influence. I see a future in which we engage influencers and leaders to claim Christ as the center of families, careers, dinners, businesses, education, and lives. The way we do this is to begin taking steps. With each step, let’s move further up and further in toward the kingdom of heaven. Done properly, these should entail growth. It is not just about taking a handful of people and making them better, but rather creating momentum for each person to go further up and further in their faith ‚Ä®with Christ.


Join with me in 2022, and let’s start. Let us look to where God is leading and take bold risks of faith to double the talents we have been given.

Learn more at our Annual Giving page.

2023 Pledge Form

Your generosity allows our church family to be in this community and experience this growth together. Use the form below to make your pledge to give to the ministries of St. Andrew in 2022.


Types of Gifts

We invite you to prayerfully consider how your gifts help our community discover what it means to love others as a passionate servant of Jesus Christ, now and in the future. We have three types of gifts.



The primary way the ministry of St. Andrew happens is through our tithes, or 10% of our income. This first kind of giving makes possible the day-to-day, life-changing ministries of St. Andrew of gathering together to experience Christ and impacting our community through service and witness. Annual gifts are dedicated to the daily operations
of St. Andrew. 


The second way the ministry of St. Andrew happens is through gifts above and beyond the tithe. These special gifts extend St. Andrew’s ministry in our local community and around the world. Examples include Christmas and Easter offerings, crises which demand a response, and capital investments to our campus such as the Hasley Chapel Building project.


The third way the ministry of St. Andrew happens is through gifts to the St. Andrew Permanent Endowment Fund, which support the long-term growth of specific ministry needs, including scholarships for seminary students; new ministries, missions and churches; and facilities support. The principal is invested and earnings leave a legacy of perpetual ministry support.

Your Financial Health

We at St. Andrew want to help you improve your financial health to the place where you are free to fully respond to Jesus’ call to a life commitment to follow him, including the call to tithe.

St. Andrew Finance Care Ministry seeks to help you understand how to manage your money according to God’s principles so that you may become a faithful steward of all that God has given you. 

Individual Debt/Budget Counseling

Confidential, individual budget counseling is available to help people who may be in financial trouble or who want to personally understand how to apply God’s principles in their lives in a one-on-one setting. Budget counselors have been trained and certified through Crown Financial Ministries’ Budget Counselor Training program.

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Dave Ramsey Financial peace university

We offer video classes, to watch at your convenience, in your home. You can improve your money management skills, eliminate debt, and find financial peace with this nine-class series. You can also attend a zoom class each week with a certified instructor and others who have been viewing the classes for more in-depth discussion. The next class begins January 26, 2022. Other opportunities throughout the year.

Finance and Career Care

Ways to Give

Gift submitting options

1  |  Drop a check or cash into the offering plate during the service.

2  |  Drop off to the church campus or mail your gift to the Business Office at St. Andrew, P.O. Box 260917, Plano, TX 75026.

3  |  Visit the website at

4  |  Give via text. Simply send the keyword “STANDREW" to 73256.

5  |  Give via stock. Please contact Angela Stange in the Business Office for details at 214.291.8014.

6  |  Give via Venmo to @StAndrew-Giving

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What if the Whole Church Tithed?

What could we do as followers of Jesus if we had faith enough to give a full 10% of God's provision to the church, in service to others?