The mission of Invite Resources is to share the promise of Christ's New Creation.

The vision of Invite is for all people to participate in the New Creation by receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit and using these gifts for the benefit of others. We hope to empower this activity through resources that help people understand and grow in faith in Jesus Christ and in service to others and the world.

Our vision includes:

Invite Press

Invite Press is the official imprint of Invite Resources. The primary goal of everything we publish, including books, videos, and more, is to invite you into deeper Christian faith, connection, and relationship. Our goal, beginning summer 2021, is to release a new book about once a month. Visit our webpage to learn about our stable of dynamic authors, and view our new releases and coming soon titles.

Invite Resources

Invite Resources is both our shingle on the door and the name of our division of still emerging content, including Invite Press titles, free online videos and posts, podcasts, and much more.


Browse and buy titles from all Invite authors, including new titles and their entire publishing history.


More divisions are coming soon as we grow through the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the high quality work of our team of dedicated professionals.

Invite Resources is a ministry of St. Andrew United Methodist Church.