Our podcasts are designed for the varying life stages, joys, and challenges we face in everyday life. We hope your more closely connect with God and our community, and extend your worship throughout the week.

Leading People Podcast

One of the most challenging obstacles in our professional lives is incorporating our faith into our daily leadership. Join us for candid conversations with different leaders who use their faith and their values in the development of themselves and others. Together, we will see how God is calling us to move from being Centers of Influence to Christians of Influence.

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The Great Divorce Podcast

Join Rev. Arthur Jones, and Forrest Pool, COO with St. Andrew in Plano, Texas as they unlock the mysteries of one of C.S. Lewis's most interesting and significant works, The Great Divorce.

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View additional study materials here @ www.standrewmethodist.org/thegreatdivorce

The Lift Podcast

We invite you to listen to the Lift podcast as we enter season 6 “The Journey for a Balanced Life”
Doug Reed Executive Director of Beacon of Light along with Associate Pastor Kim Meyers will meet with different speakers throughout the season to discuss how to create a balanced life. New episodes will start each Monday beginning on September 26,2022

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Dr. Scott Engle

In addition serving as Teaching Pastor at St. Andrew on weekends, Dr. Scott Engle leads weekday Bible study classes. In these weekday classes, Scott has begun a study on Revelation. "Whenever I teach Revelation, my hope is that people will come to see that it was meant to encourage and comfort persecuted believers, not to terrify them or us," Scott says.

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