Show Mercy to Others

3/18 - 3/19/2023 (March 18/19) | Series: Rerouting

Mercy is the thing we all desire but struggle to give. We often expect others to go the distance for us yet fail to realize when we have gone a half measure for them. Yet the only one we can control is ourselves. Rather than focusing on how others aren’t giving us enough, or even worse that we need to repay some affront received with something equal. Our goal is not to contemplate on fair and equal retribution but to dream up radical and unmerited shows of love, even if doing so benefits the other person more than us. We do this because Jesus did this for us, laying down his life when he was blameless so that we might experience a fullness of our own lives.

Rev. Arthur Jones | 3/19/2023 | 9:30 AM Traditional