Witness | Brian Drew (Student Ministry)

Brian Drew went from middle school camp prankster to community leader, now having the chance to serve as Family Outreach Ministry Coordinator for his church home.

Additional Stories

St. Andrew Preschool

See how St. Andrew Preschool plants academic, social, and spiritual seeds that last a lifetime.

Witness | Vicki Herr (Project Hope)

Vicki Herr was determined to help empower women in need in our community. She reflects on 10 years serving The Storehouse of Collin County's Project Hope.

Witness | Debbie Vice (Joseph's Coat)

"Food gives people life. Clothing gives them dignity." .... When Debbie Vice began volunteering with Joseph's Coat, she realized just how much we have in common with our neighbors.

Witness | 2x2 Group (Food Pantry)

"We know what we're good at, and we're good bag packers." .... The 2x2 Sunday Morning Group plays a huge part in the Storehouse food pantry.

Witness | A Story at the Pond

Pastor Robert Hasley recalls a sacred moment where a community member describes the life-changing power of Jesus in his life.

Witness | Haley and Michael

"It's renewing of my faith when I come here and see these kids every Sunday." .... Now with a child on the way, Haley and Michael serve the kids in the Children's Ministry as the church will do for their family one day.

Witness | Amir

"When I said that, my friend started crying. Then he opened his Bible." .... In the extended cut of his story, Amir details his near-death experience, and a transformative vision where Christ entered his life.

Forge: Blacksmithing with Fred Christen

We're exploring 1 Peter in our worship series, Forge. To help represent Peter's images of metal being forged, we've gathered footage from Fred Christen's blacksmith shop at the Dallas Heritage Village. He shows us how a nail would be made in Jesus' time.

Children's Ministry Volunteers

Our Children's Ministry Sunday School groups change lives – for children, families, and volunteers! No matter your life stage, we welcome you to serve here.

Adults Mission Trip

Our Adult Mission Trips to the South Texas region serve communities still in great need of hurricane relief work. For those who volunteer on these trips, our faith family grows closer as well.

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