St. Andrew is undergoing a remarkable transformation. A new generation is rising to join the community established by the first generation. But community doesn't automatically pass; what connects us are shared stories. Telling stories of God’s work in the lives of everyday people has been the way believers have given faith to one another for thousands of years.

Our Witness initiative is the way we will share our faith stories with one another for generations to come.










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David Keene

"God was there. if we'll just be still and listen, it will be ok."

As medical debt piled up and self-reliance failed, David cried out to God. He was reminded that through a chaotic upbringing and walking alongside his wife in the most trying times of their lives, God never left.

Kay Richardson | Funeral Ministry

"There were a number of students coming into the building in tears. And at that moment, I realized – they know."

God is present in every moment of mourning and grief. It's a sacred responsibility of our Funeral Ministry to provide a place for family and friends to gather in these times of need.

Jeff and Melissa Henricks | Traditional Worship

"saying the liturgy all together as one really cements my faith."

Traditional worship offers the Henricks a place of spiritual comfort, while stretching and challenging them every week, too.

Rachel Kortum | Children's Ministry

"I would always try to get away from it, and God kept turning me around."

Seeking community after moving, Rachel and her family found new ways to love and serve in a new church home.

Brian Drew | Student Ministry

"Lo and Behold, it was a young Brian Drew that had gone around and pranked all the cabins."

Brian Drew went from middle school camp prankster to community leader, now having the chance to serve as Family Outreach Ministry Coordinator for his church home.

Vicki Herr | Storehouse – Project Hope

"Every Time we went somewhere, we were told 'That problem is not at my church.'"

Vicki Herr was determined to help empower women in need in our community. She reflects on 10 years serving The Storehouse of Collin County's Project Hope.

Debbie Vice | Storehouse – Joseph's Coat

"Food gives people life. Clothing gives them dignity."

When Debbie Vice began volunteering with Joseph's Coat, she journeyed from sympathetic to empathetic. She realized just how much we have in common with our neighbors.

2x2 Group | Storehouse – Food Pantry

"We know what we're good at, and we're good bag packers."

The 2x2 Sunday Morning Group plays a huge part in the Storehouse food pantry. Without their efforts, the entire operation would stop before it could start.

A Story From the pond

"I heard this thump, thump, and somebody was taking off their shoes."

Pastor Robert Hasley recalls a sacred moment where a community member describes the life-changing power of Jesus in his life.

Haley and Michael | Children's Ministry

"It's renewing of my faith when I come here and see these kids every Sunday."

Haley and Michael began volunteering on Sunday mornings with the Children's Ministry soon after they became St. Andrew members. Now with a child on the way, they serve the children as the church will do for their family one day.

Amir (Extended Cut)

"When I said that, my friend started crying. Then he opened his Bible."

In the extended cut of his story, Amir details his near-death experience, a transformative vision where Christ entered his life, and suffering physical persecution for his faith.

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